More than $500 million investment in the Imperial Valley
265 MW wind energy generation facility utilizing 112 American-made wind turbines
Annual power equivalent equal to the needs of approximately 125,000 southern California homes
More than 350 workers on-site during peak construction 
20 permanent on-site positions for facility operations
Providing millions of dollars in property taxes
Permanent footprint of approximately 120 acres, less than 1% of total project area
Ocotillo Wind map


Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Is an inexhaustible resource
  • Reduces reliance on imported fuel
  • Benefits the environment and helps fight climate change
  • Is compatible with mixed land use: grazing, agriculture, and hunting
  • Creates job opportunities in local areas
  • Provides a steady income to farmers and property-owners
  • Strengthens the local tax base, helping to improve town services, including schools, police and fire departments
  • Provides more direct economic impacts than new fossil fuel plants
  • Produces energy with stable production costs, offering a hedge against other energy sources with volatile fuel markets