Carbon Dioxide Emissions Offset:

Compared to Natural Gas Generation
360,000 tons/year
58,000 car equivalent

Compared to Coal-Fired Generation
648,000 tons/year
104,000 car equivalent


Water Conserved:

Compared to Natural Gas Generation
129,534,000 gallons/year
can supply 3,950 people/day

Compared to Coal-Fired Generation
389,323,000 gallons/year
can supply 11,850 people/day

Sources: Based on information from the Energy Information Administration, National Energy Technology Laboratory, and U.S. Geological Survey. Annual emission offsets based on 265 MW wind project offsetting coal (0.90 ton/MWh) or natural gas-fired generation (0.50 ton/MWh), using the estimated annual generation from the Ocotillo Wind facility and accounting for regular turbine maintenance. Water conserved compared to coal-fired generation (541 gallon/MWh) or natural gas-fired generation (180 gallon/MWh) source American Wind Energy Association. People supplied figure based on USGS estimation of 80-100 gallons/day per capita water consumption, US Geological Survey, “Water Q&A: Water use at home,”